Features List

Demonoid is available in two editions. Our Standard package offers a simplified version of our selfbot at a more affordable price. Our Premium package offers a feature-rich experience and includes many exclusive options and commands. Premium inherits all features from Standard.

Feature Name Demonoid Version Descripion
Selfbot Standard Lifetime access to Demonoid Selfbot.
Frequent Updates Standard Access to all future updates and releases.
Commands Standard Acess to over 62 selfbot commands.
Premium Commands Premium Access to exclusive, premium-only commands.
Raid/Abuse Commands Premium Nuke servers, spam channels, crash users and more!
Nitro Sniper Premium Claim Nitro Gifts automatically before anyone else.
Giveaway Joiner Premium Automatically join giveaways.
Channel Dumper Premium Dump an entire chat history to file.
Account Backup Premium Create a backup of your Discord account.